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Crossfit Competitors Daniel Thiessen  January 2014    

physiotherapy oakville crossfit

physiotherapy oakville crossfit

I’ve been climbing the ladder in Crossfit competitions over the last three years. France and Jason keep me moving and help me with shoulders to ankles. Thanks to them I’ve broke the top 100 in the country. Thanks Guys. Great front desk staff too! Best value in Oakville, they can directly bill my Green Shield insurance too, so no cost to me .


Low Back Pain

November 2012
I am so thankful for the great care I received at Glen Abbey Physio. France was very efficient in her assessment, diagnosis and treatment of my low back injury. With the help of her physio, acupuncture, patience and positive reassurance, I was able to recover quickly and get through a very difficult time. I’m very grateful for the kind service that I received there. I would definitely recommend here to friends or family.

Katherine‎ – 2 Nov, 2012

Several months ago by chance I came to know Dr. Steve and his staff whom I love. I had been in a car accident a few years earlier and suffered from chronic headaches, neck, and back pain on my left side. To ease the pain I was taking Tylenol 3s and Naproxen on a regular basis which no one should be taking especially someone only in her twenties. I have been to numerous doctors for this issue and after my first appointment I knew Dr. Steve was different. His techniques are a bit more aggressive then I was use to but it has been exactly what I need. I have not taken any painkillers in roughly three months and feel better everyday that passes. Due to the benefits and improvement in my health I continue to see Dr. Steve on a weekly basis which I look forward to and will never give up.

Shoulder Injuries

Jason‎ – 11 Oct, 2012

Near the end of the summer (2011) I found out that I have Tendinosis in my left arm. My local walk in clinic referred Dr. Steve’s clinic to me. Just almost after 3-4 months the sharp pain began to subside (1-2 appointments per week) from my left arm. Kept doing stretches with my arm at home and the pain is virtually gone. Thanks Dr. Steve, Caitlin, and Cassandra! Keep up the great work!

Ankle Pain

I have been seeing Dr. Steve over the past month for an immobilizing injury on my calf. The treatment has been extremely effective, and I am happy to report great progress in a relatively short period of time. The entire office has been very cooperative at scheduling my appointments with short notice and ensuring I get the treatment I require. The service has been terrific and I have zero complaints. A big thank you to the entire team there, I highly recommend their services.

Idefix‎ – 16 Sep, 2011

I entered dr Knighton’s office on August 20 with a swollen and painful ankle that was slowly turning into a life-altering problem. At first, the symptoms would show up mostly after exercising, but over the past year, the swelling became permanent and the throbbing pain was preventing me from walking long distances and working-out. For someone who thoroughly enjoys the great outdoors, hiking and running, it was a daunting verdict delivered to me by MDs and the orthopedic surgeons: start enjoying low-impact activities like gentle walking and stretching, wear brace, or undergo a serious surgery. I must admit I was skeptical at the success of chiropractic medicine, and went to consult dr Knighton just so that I couldn’t say I didn’t do it. Dr Knigthon’s diagnosis was chronic ankle sprain and with bi-weekly treatments with suction IFC unit as well as adjustments, the state of my ankle has astoundingly improved over the past 5 weeks. The swelling is almost gone, the pain has much lessened and sometimes it completely disappears and for longer periods of time. I run and play tennis again every day with very little impact on my ankle’s appearance and little to no pain. I am always impressed with dr Knigthon’s passion for his work and the holistic, overall approach to my well-being. It is not just fixing the problem (i.e. my ankle), but taking into account other factors that can contribute to my health and that will make sure that the problem does not reoccur. When you add to this a wonderful and welcoming staff at the front desk, my visiting the “Nottinghill Family Wellness Centre” has been a pleasant and most of all, rewarding experience. And as a former competitive skier, for the first time in a very long time, I am looking forward to a serious snow-fall this year.


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