Oakville Chiropractic Services

oakville chiropracticWe offer Oakville chiropractic services in Glen Abbey. We use our years of training and experience to provide a natural and non-invasive chiropractic treatment. With our state-of-the-art techniques we provide advanced spinal correction and manipulation to alleviate pain and increase overall health. Most patients seeking our services complain of issues related to their spine such as lower back pain, neck pain and headaches, all issues which can be effectively alleviated by an experienced chiropractic doctor.

Chiropractic treatment consists most often of spinal manipulative therapy, commonly known as adjustment. This manual procedure is a carefully controlled procedure delivered by a licenced and experienced chiropractic practitioner to the spine and joints. The primary goal is to decrease pain, improve range of movement, decrease muscle tightness or spasm and improve the function of the spine and supporting structure.

Our trained care providers will develop a treatment plan tailored to meet your specific needs and issue to get you back to feeling like you.

Is chiropractic safe?

Newer chiropractic correction methods are safer, more comfortable and more effective than ever at treating disorders related to the spine, pelvis, extremity joints and their effect on the nervous system.

What can you expect?

Our patients generally experience improvement in their symptoms immediately after treatment. While adjustments rarely cause any discomfort, this type of manually applied therapy can sometimes result in soreness or aching following treatment. However, soreness usually only lasts a day to two days.

If you are suffering with any kind of back pain or back injury, contact us today to book an appointment.

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