Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a OHIP Clinic?
Unfortunately our clinic is not a OHIP registered clinic.

When can I get in to see the physiotherapist?
Usually same day appointments. If by chance we are completely booked we do have other therapist that can assist in pain relief until an appointment can be arranged

What other services do you offer?
Our clinic offers Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Athletic Therapy and Massage Therapy.

What’s the difference between the Chiropractor and Physiotherapist?
Not that much. The Chiropractor can do a manual adjustment and Physiotherapy will focus more on exercises. Both will do hands on (ART – Active Release Therapy) and use modalities. Both can be highly recommended in treating the majority of injuries and help with out of pocket cost by using your benefits.

Can you direct bill my insurance?
Yes we can! We can direct bill the majority of insurance plans. If we cannot direct bill we will be happy to help with the paperwork ๐Ÿ™‚

Do I need a Dr’s referral?
For Physiotherapy treatment a Dr’s referral is not needed. However most insurance policies require a note to be covered.

How long will my visit be?
Your visit can last between 15 – 45 minutes depending on your injuries.

How many visits do I need?
It all depends on a number of variables i.e severity of injury, how long the pains been there, medical history, etc. Once you are evaluated the therapist will have a better understanding.

Who will be treating me?
Your assessment will be performed by the Physiotherapist. Treatment will be done by the Physiotherapist and Athletic Therapist.

Does your clinic do WSIB claims?
Our physiotherapist doesn’t treat work related injuries. However our Chiropractor does.

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