Planter Fascitis

Plantar Fascitis

One of the most common causes of foot pain that we see in our clinic is PLANTAR FASCITIS. The following article will outline the anatomy, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, risk factors, complications and treatment of PLANTAR FASCITIS. Anatomy The … [Read more...]


Rotator Cuff Iinjuries

Do you have shoulder pain or discomfort? Worried you may have a rotator cuff injury? In the following article we will discuss signs, symptoms and types of rotator cuff injuries. The Rotator Cuff is made up of four  muscles: Supraspinatus … [Read more...]

Soft Tissue Healing — Glen Abbey Physiotherapy , Oakville’s choice for Physiotherapy

Ankle sprains.

STAGES OF HEALING IN SOFT TISSUE INJURIES Oakville's Physiotherapy Clinic -- Glen Abbey Physiotherapy EARLY INTERVENTION AND ONGOING TREATMENT   One of the big misconceptions at our Oakville physiotherapy clinic is that soft … [Read more...]

Meet Our New Physiotherapist!

Physiotherapy Oakville Physiotherapy

There are big changes happening at Nottinghill Family Wellness Centre and Glen Abbey Physiotherapy. The Oakville clinic is excited to share the news about their new Registered Physiotherapist Stephen Nero; not to get him confused with clinic's … [Read more...]

Bird Dog Cross Crawl Exercise

Bird Dog Cross Crawl

Hi Dr. Steve Knighton here from Physiotherapy Oakville. Thank you for joining us again for another healthy living tip from our Live Pain Free series. In today's health tip we are going to show you a basic stretch called the Bird Dog Cross Crawl … [Read more...]