Back Pain and Treatment

Low back pain is almost a universal human experience, everyone has it at some point.

We can help your with both acute and overuse/chronic low back pain! Back injury can be caused by many things such as:

  • a disc herniation,
  • strains/sprains from a car accident,
  • falls,
  • improper lifting,
  • sports,


What causes back strain?

Overuse, repetitive stress related low back pain has become very common. Part of the reason it has become so common is we either spend a lot of our day sitting at a desk in a bad, slouched position, or we are performing repetitive activities, such as lifting, bending, or twisting, in a bad position. This “bad” position typically puts the joints of the lumbar spine in a slightly flexed position which stresses the joints, ligaments, and discs.

The joints in the spine are not as strong as other joints in the body and rely much more heavily on the surrounding muscles especially the abdominal muscles, your core, and pelvic stability muscles, namely your glutes. However, for a lot of people the core is either weak and does not have the endurance to support your activities throughout the day, or it may be strong but does not turn on, or contract, when it should.

When you are in the bad slouched position, either sitting for a long time or performing repetitive activities, and are not properly using your core you are stressing the joints, and the surrounding muscles in your low back, like your erector spinae and quadratus lumborum, have to work harder then they are capable of to support the spine causing an increase in muscle tension and inflammation.The body will also try to protect the joints of the spine by laying down scar tissue causing an increase in joint stiffness, and a decrease in mobility.

Treatment for Back Pain and Injury

We will help you safely regain your range of motion, work on decreasing muscle tension, and increase strength in the stability/postural muscles to help prevent secondary complications from these injuries, and return you safely to activity.We will work to manage the inflammation to promote an optimum environment for healing through manual techniques, modalities and icing instructions.

We will use manual techniques and a prescribed stretching program to decrease muscle tension, taking stress off the healing tissues. We will work on the mobility of the joints in your low back, making sure everything is positioned and moving as they should, and ensure proper muscle activation of your stability muscles in the core and pelvis, as well as increase their strength and endurance, through developing an appropriate exercise program.

We will give you tips, things to watch for, and exercises to help improve your posture, and develop better work position habits to help prevent this condition from coming back!

If you are suffering with any kind of back pain or back injury, contact us today to book an appointment.

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