Ankle Sprains

We see a wide variety of injuries which affect the ankle both acute or traumatic, and from overuse or repetitive stresses. With a traumatic injury such as an ankle sprain, or post-immobilization from a fracture we will help you safely regain your range of motion and proprioception, work on gait retraining, and muscle strengthening to help prevent secondary complications from these injuries, and return you safely to activity.

What causes ankle sprains?

The most common overuse injuries we see are “shin splints”, a tendinitis in the tibialis anterior or tibialis posterior muscle, or tendinitis in the achilles or peroneals. These injuries result from repetitive abnormal forces placed on the ankle and lower leg. Overuse of the muscle leads to tension, micro-tears in the tendon and inflammation, often caused by over-pronation of the feet during walking/running, and weakness in the stabilizing muscles of the core and pelvis. These conditions often affect runners, and those starting a new activity program, if workout intensity or distances are increased to quickly, changing the surface you run on, or if you are using improper or worn out footwear.

Ankle sprain treatment

With treatment, initially you need to stop or limit the aggravating activity to give the tendon time to heal. We will work to manage the inflammation to promote an optimum environment for healing through manual techniques, modalities and icing instructions. We will use manual techniques and a prescribed stretching program to decrease muscle tension, taking stress off the healing tendon. We will look at your feet, gait mechanics, and the muscle activation/strength of your stability muscles in the core, pelvis and arch, and develop an appropriate exercise program to build strength and ingrain proper movement patterns. We can fit you for custom orthotics and give you advice on proper footwear to help prevent this condition from coming back!

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